A couple of projects

Soooo, today, I go my hair did, hit the tanning bed, and had an invigurating run, and I must say that i feel pretty darn good. It is so important to me to get back to that place when i feel good about myself and take care of my apperance. It has been a while since I have done so...

Anyways, this is one of the layouts that I did last week. I actually had a little time to create one day.

I really love that paper from Hambly. I need to get some more...

I also started on a little advent calendar for this holiday season. The idea is to do the advent calendar using the calendars from Jenni Bowlin. As a little extra, I wanna include little personal challenges for each day. On this one, I wrote: Get into the holiday spirit, watch a Christmas movie. I am looking forward to completing this little project. I was a little bummed out though when I was working on this. I didn't feel as inspired as I would have liked while working on a Christmas project. Hopefully this weekend's Christmas party will provide a boost. Here is a lil sneak peek of the calendar.

O by the way...head to Scrapalicious...they have all of the Sassafras. I finally completed my collection by buying the chipboard and paper whimsies....YUMMY!

Just wanted to give a little post...I am flipping all over it is FRIDAY tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahoooooo...Seriously I am completely beside myself. I will be sprinting from that school to the Taurus.

Praise him! Forever and Always!

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