Well guys...I broke down and got my own blog. I am so excited about it and I can't wait to post complete randomness and lots and lots of projects. I just got back from Girls Gone Crafty, and I am so glad to have had some more creating time. I got a few things done and I will share them soon. I am currently running on three hours of sleep from scrapping all night and into the morning. I love it! Well, I just wanted to create my first post. I hope you guys come back and check in!

Have a Happy Sunday! Ash*


  1. Good For you! I look forward to seeing what you create!

  2. You go girl!! Its your time to shine!!!

  3. yay! so glad you did this! you are so much bigger than just one blog!

  4. will be following you, girl.
    Want to hear all about the new job in cutoff, my old stomping ground
    Nurse Lilly