Lessons Learned

So...this weekend, I learned that yellow paint sometimes comes out much brighter than it looks on the swatch. My principal gave me permission to paint my classroom a pale yellow. So.. I moseyed myself on over to Lowe's and purchased what I thought was a beautiful shade of pale yellow paint. Well, I was WRONG...completely wrong. The classroom looks like an electric glow in the dark banana. We ended up painting the entire classroom because I was undecided about what to do. After the classroom was finished, I realized that the color had to go. Tomorrow, I am off to re-paint in what I hope will be a pale yellow. Anyways...here is what the classroom looked like before any paint went on the walls.....Absolutely gros

Here is what the classroom looks like as a glow in the dark banana...

Even though I have to re-paint it was a fun time with family, friends, and my boo.

I had a little creating time this weekend. I did a whole one layout. I hope to have more time to create this week. I will post the layout later. I am off to hopefully finish my book. I get so excited when finishing a book because that means I get to buy another one and dive into someone else's life. Well I hope you all had an awesome weekend. Have a good Monday!

Do lots of praising this week. I sure will!

Here is a picture that melts my heart...just had to share.

Love love this. These are two of my fave people and just to see them together is the best.


  1. Ash - Love the paint! HA LOL

    Just checked out the new sassafras line... Love Kenner Road and the one with the little monsters!

    You know you can comment on my blog too!

  2. I think it looks bright and cheery!!! don't think those little buggers will nap with that bright yellow though!!! Sorry you have to repaint.

  3. Well, they might be bouncing off the walls with all that sunshine, but hey I'm sure you'll be bouncing with them.