10 Things I love Wednesday

So...if any of you follow elsie flannigan's blog she does something called 10 things i love sunday. She posts ten random things that she loves...inspiration...photos of people...projects...just pretty much anything that she stumbles across or that is on her mind. I must tell you I love Elsie and I am completely bummed that she no longer designs for the scrapbook world. I love her 10 things I love sunday and I decided to borrow the idea. I am going to do 10 things I love Wednesday. Here is the first official one...

Number 1!

I finished this wonderful little book. It was fabulous..however, bittersweet. But, isn't life bittersweet.

Number 2!

Having lots of this coffee tonite with shane. It is the best. I so wish we had a CC's.

Number 3!

3 years...with this wonderful kid....hooray anniversarys

Number 4!

OOOOh vintage sewing pattern how i love thee

Number 5!

LuLu's newly pierced ears....they are precious

Number 6!

This studio

Number 7!

The new Sassafras goodness....oh god my heart is palpitating just thinking about it.

Number 8!

Time with God

Number 9!

The burst of inspiration I always get when I come to Lafayette and spend some time with Shane

Number 10!

This photo

Ahhh the beach with bestest friends..
Okay ladies and gents...um probably just ladies...that was the first 10 things I love Wednesday. I tell you it is quite inspirational to do this. You get lots of ideas looking for things to post. Everyone should adopt a day and do 20 things I love...I would so enjoy looking at that.
Anyways....in other news...shane and I made three years today and the day was perfect to say the least. When I woke up this morning there was a beautiful letter on the fridge from Shane (who else) He spoke about how much he loves me and then told me to be at the spa for a 12:30 appt. I got an amazing massage and a lovely pedicure. It was fabulous...Then, shane and I were supposed to have a dramatic dinner all dressed up...we decided to go have a casual dinner in ripped jeans, t-shirts, and hats and then have coffee and some internet time instead....you know that fits us much better...it was oh so lovely
Well, I hope that you had a great hump day...i'm pouring over with loads of inspiration and need to get home so that I can create!

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