Headed to Houston!

Well folks my boo and I are headed to Houston. We are going to Lake Charles tonite and we are staying with the lovely Justin and Kim. Tomorrow, we will drive to Houston to meet with Clint Shuttlesworth, the photographer. I am soooo excited to chat with him and tell him my visions and hear his too! We are going to stay in Houston Tuesday nite and go shopping and just spend some quality time together. We really need it right now.

Life around here has been crazee. I'm so busy and I just am really looking forward to spending some quality quiet time with Shane. The wedding planning has been kinda stalled. We booked Madewood and we booked the photographer. We also have the band and the cake. I am going shopping for my dress in March and I am definately getting the itch to try dresses on. I have been working out and eating super healthy. I'm doing really good. I've lost some pounds and toned up a lot. I feel ready to try dresses on! So, now it's just gonna be getting the details together. I am going to go research florists and try to get the flowers together next. But, for now, my priority is to spend some time with Shane and keep my sanity.

I hope that everyone had a good Valentine's day! Shane took me to Friedmans and brought roses. He is treating me to a small shopping spree in HOuston. I have some boots for spring in mind. Anyways, have you been creating? I have not! I plan on doing some home decor stuff this week while I'm off. I will post anything that I create! Well, I'm off to pack! Happy Monday!

I'm praising. Through it all, I am praising the BIG MAN!

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