a break from busy

wow oh wow. can i have anything more to do for the month of may. i guess it's good that i'm not bored.

this monday and tuesday were the first two days that my husband has had off in about a million years. yes, a million years is a very accurate estimation. anyways, on monday we ran around trying to get some things for upcoming parties/showers and our trip to jamaica. on tuesday, i decided that i had to take a breather and hand out with my girls. we ended up running a few errands but spent lots of time just playing and spending time together.

miss ella grace is getting so big. she is losing all of that newborn look and is getting a few little rolls here and there. she is such a happy baby and a joy to be around. i laid her on a blanket and talked to her for a good while. i was able to snap like a million pics. it's just too easy when the babies are that cute. here are a few.

lulu is getting so big. she seems to be such a lady. her vocabulary has grown tons and she is using nothing but elaborate, dramatic, complete sentences.

she absolutely loves ella and is surprisingly very gentle with her.

we were able to go to houma and grab a bite to eat, get a few things from the mall that nannie needed. lu also got her nails painted which she LOVES having done. we even caught a few intense episodes of dora. shane snapped these pics of us cuddled up in the chair. i was so mad that he was taking pics of me but now i am so glad that he did because i love these.

hayden was at school so it was just the girls. i miss him though. we definately will be spending some time together when shane and i get back from our trip.

and if you are all wondering why we aren't having babies soon, there is no need. not when we have all these cute kids to spoil like crazee, and still get some sleep at night.

i am looking forward to a jam packed weekend of graduations, graduation parties, honey do shower, and working on some customer scrapboks. hope to get it all done.

hope your wednesday was happy.


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