i have been dreaming about home decor.

i have been checking home decor blogs.

i have been reading home decor magazines.

i am surrounding myslef in home decor inspiration.

this is quite the tease for me because, we are renting right now. don't get me wrong, i love our apartment. i am in no rush to pick out a house. it's just hard when you rent because you can't paint. and, we dont wanna go buying tons of furniture to make the apartment look like we want when we know it is only short term and when we get a house i am gonna want all new stuff and we will have different needs.

so anyways, i am going to share some home decor inspiration that i have been storing in my folder on the puter. i have all these amazing images stored away ready to come to life when we get our home.

love all the white. love the mirror. love all of the different chairs. love how un-put together it all is.

obsessed with collage walls right now. here are just a couple. i am collecting b's and trying to find some number 2's. have to re-create one like this. have to.

gotta love the little clotheslines of inspiration. love.

oh god. swoon. seriously. i love vintage luggage. i have a bunch of pieces now. but i will never have enough. i want stacks in every room.

well there are just a few photos.

i don't think my heart can take much more.

i could go decorating crazee.

i so wish i could have my way with that apartment.

happy friday!

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