Hey guys. I have definately not been a loyal blogger lately. So sorry. I have been busy with Scrapfest. We took the store. And, busy just trying to get the store unpacked and back to normal.

I have also been in quite a weird funk lately. I don't mean a sad, depressed funk. Not like that. So, don't worry. I just mean a tired, lazy, no energy kind of funk. I feel like I absolutely can not get enough sleep. When I am awake, I am dying to get home to take a nap. It's really weird. I am usually not like this at all. I usually stay awake till the wee morning hours and then run on very little sleep.

Don't know what the deal is. I haven't seen the gym in almost two weeks. Haven't been eating much. When I do, I'm not eating well that's for sure. Lots of cereal. I don't even want Pepsi lately. For anyone who knows me at all, I AM OBSESSED with Pepsi. I have to have at least one a day. I haven't been wanting or drinking much Pepsi at all.

Like I said, this is very weird. I really want to snap out of it because I haven't been very productive. I needa get my butt back into a workout regamin. I also need to start getting more done around the house. I needa cook too. I just needa WAKE UP. I don't get it. I am usually not like this at all.

Oh, and just because I know this will be ur first thought, I AM NOT PREGNANT. Just throwing that out there.

I dunno I am just not enjoying being so tired at all. I want to feel like my normal self again. WAKE UP ASH!

Well, I know this post was not very interesting but I just wanted to share. Talk to you guys soon.

Hope your day is blessed!

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