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Okay so I told you I would be back with another little post. Two weeks ago, I went to Breaux Bridge to work the Faith 365 event for Vera. Little did I know, Breaux Bridge is full of charming little flea markets and antique stores. That means trouble for my bank account. I purchased tons of goodies and a great china cabinet. I felt so lucky to be able to find so many great things at so many great prices. I also found an old milk jar crate with the milk jars. The milk jars were also full of spools of thread, drink sticks, clothespins, and cookie cutters. It is just to die for. Here are some pics of the things that were purchased.

The camera to the right is the one that I purchased. I have been having the others.

So all of this new stuff had me wanting to make a few updates to my studio. I didn't do anything big. Just added a strip of pictures to a wall, moved a couple of things around and added the milk crate. I also added a clipboard that I made at the event. Here is what the refresher looks like.

I also added a couple of little touches of vintage around the place.

I updated my inspiration board and just kind of put some new little touches around the room. It just helps to surge a little more inspiration into my being. Nothing dramatic, just a few little changes.

Here are the only two projects that I completed at the event.

I spent more time getting to know some of the people and shopping around of course. I also found out that I have some fans and blog followers. That really pumped me up!! I felt so honored that people actually enjoy reading my blog. Okay guys I am heading home to watch Tori and Dean...gotta love reality TV! Enjoy your week!


PS..sorry the picture quality isn't so great...they are from my phone!

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