sooo busy!

Well, as you all know, I am opening a scrapbook store in one week....like seven days...like not very long. I have been so busy. Life has been complete chaos. Even though i like my life in complete chaos, i am actually looking forward to getting back into a rountine. When I tell you that there has been no routine, i mean NO ROUTINE! My days and nights are mixed up, i'm always so tired, my eating habits, while healthy, are quite off schedule too, i have not been on a normal workout routine, and i could go on and on. Please note that I am not at all complaining...i'm just telling you a lil about this life of mine right now.

In other news, I am in desperate and i mean desperate need of a 6am run. I know..i know...it sounds stupid and crazy but it is so true. I need a run right when the sun is rising...a run outside on the good ole blacktop so i can sweat like a pig...a run where it's just me and the ipod...a run where i can clear my head and release some good ole endorphines. I just need a 6am run and I think that i will go for one tomorrow morning!

I am super excited to mention...and you darn right i'm mentioning it because i'm proud of myself..that i have lost 8 pounds. Now, you can't really tell from looking at me but I have. I have been doing weight watchers and sticking to it and when I weighed myself on Sunday i was down 3 more pounds which makes 8 in the last three weeks. Yahooooo! I'm super pumped..now, if i could just get back on some sort of running schedule.

I have the kids tomorrow. I know I should be here at the store working with only 6days till we open, but, Kasi called and I had to say yes. I really wanna see them and I really just wanna spend some quality time with the little munchkins...it's been a while.

I have been at the store constantly and I am so nervous about the grand opening. I have worked so hard and I want it to be a success so badly. I hope it is perfect and everyone comes in and shops and has a great time.

Well, I do realize this post was a lil skitzo-frenic (yes i know that's not the correct spelling but who cares)! Just wanted to post to my own personal blog. Make sure ya'll check the store's blog too! www.inspirescrapboutique.blogspot.com

Talk to you guys as soon as i can!

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